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Situated a short, 45 minute drive from Cape Town, we operate in one of the most richly diverse oceanic habitats in the world, False Bay,an area made famous by the spectacular hunting behaviour of its Great White Sharks.
Get the opportunity to experience cage diving and predatory breaching with Great White Sharks, all in one trip!
A range of trips includes full day great white shark tours and combination trips to maximise your vacation time.
Our expert and passionate crew ensure that every trip is an intimate and insightful experience giving you memories for life.
Our actions have demonstrated our commitment to conservation over the years. We'd like you to leave as ambassadors for sharks.
As the first choice great white shark tour operator for famous documentary makers around the world, we know how to get close to the sharks while maintaining respect.
We are Chris and Monique Fallows and we're passionate about sharks and marine wildlife.
Having worked at, or visited, all of the world's Great White hotspots, we're confident that False Bay is completely unique in what is has to offer in viewing shark predatory behaviour.
Spending over 200 days at sea each year means we're able to give our guests the most natural encounter with sharks possible.
We specialise in small groups and our eco-friendly approach to expeditions ensures an intimate and educational experience when choosing Apex Shark Expeditions.
We have facilitated many iconic shark films and documentaries over the years.

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